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About Us

Free Spirits was founded on behalf of unique individuals looking to express their values! Other known as, Bohemian based! Made for free spirits, wanderers, drop outs, nonconformists, and more! 

Here at Free Spirits, we are hoping to bring attention, energy, and care into the lives of those who are different from the rest. You know who you are! 

Our Free Spirits team understands individuals who are misunderstood, looked at differently, or treated some way for being an odd one out of the bunch! With that, our team is working hard on bringing together a community of unique individuals, and unique pieces to allow our customers to have the best experience, and express their values, while exploring through our site! 

Our Free Spirits team is hoping to build trust and engage with our community as much as possible! We love hearing from people about what suggestions you may have for additions to our collection or site! So please, feel free to contact us through our email listed below! Our team is going to be constantly driving in new products to continue adding on to our visitors experience! We look to give you endless options! 

We are constantly researching for new product/site additions, and exploring the best ways to give our community the best possible customer experience! On top of that, we are quickly moving to ensure that our site is as easy and simple to use as possible! 

Here at Free Spirits, we encourage being yourself and following your greatest desires. We want the ambitious to bring that full power-drive motion, encouraging and empowering loved ones around them! Life is not to be wasted. Don’t sleep on following your higher self just because everyone around you might be. 

As we continue this journey leading our Free Spirits community, we highly encourage our customers to communicate with us! We want to hear what our community is in need of, or what can be better done in any area! Do not hesitate with any questions, comments, or concerns! Our Free Spirits team is here for you! 

Our number one priority is providing our customers with the best experience imaginable. From the very first encounter with us, to the second you leave us, we aim to do the best to our ability!

To get in touch, contact us here:

Thank you for giving us your time, and happy roaming!


The Free Spirits Team