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Night Sky Mushroom Necklace - Free Spirits Store

Night Sky Mushroom Necklace

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🌀 Our Free Spirits collection is built from love, peace, and joy! In daily life, people will go through highs and lows. We hope to offer our community an experience where you feel at ease, and enjoy exploring our collection. Don't try to plan out life so much, but instead, start living and embracing life one moment at a time! The time is now to create your own life story, before you get caught up letting someone else create it for you!

Our night sky mushroom necklace is a great gift for the night owls that lurk through the night! Not many understand the peace of mind when being alone in the late hours of the night, but we do! 

💡 Fun Fact: When mushrooms grow and create a circle in nature, it's an actual sign of a portal to communicate and connect with the spirit world! 


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